Ivo van Rhijn


Ivo holds degrees in International and European Law and in Slavic languages and Cultures fromthe University of Groningen (the Netherlands). Ivo has been helping foreign business in Russiasince 2013, when he started working for a medium-sized law firm in Moscow. From 2014 hewas the Director of a Saint Petersburg law firm.

After many years of experience working with foreign companies and individuals on the Russianmarket Ivo noticed that many law firms left many straightforward questions about doingbusiness in Russian unanswered. This was the reason that he started his own firm in 2017, withthe aim to provide better information than his competitors.

Ivo is able to provide you with concise answers to questions that foreign companies wanting toenter the Russian market ask themselves. He is happy to give you a short preliminaryconsultation, even if you will in the end not end up hiring Van Rhijn & Partners.Ivo’s has a very thorough knowledge of the Russian language, as well as a good workingknowledge of English and Spanish and of course his native Dutch. He reads German andFrench fluently, but can not confidently communicate in these languages.

Aleksey Ivanov


Aleksey finished his law studies at Novgorod State University (Veliky Novgorod) in 2002

He started his professional career as a police officer at the department concerned witheconomic crimes and battling corruption.

From 2005 until 2010 Aleksey has been working for the commercial real estate department ofthe PromsvyazBank, being responsible for the proper legal support of the bank in this area.

After leaving the bank Aleksey worked for three years at the legal department of a largebuilding company active on the market for infrastructure and industrial facilities.

From 2013 Aleksey headed a lawfirm in Saint Petersburg that counted large Russian banks likeSberbank among its clients.

Nowadays Aleksey’s practice focuses mainly on the legal support for business in Russia. Alarge part of his practice consists of litigation cases about corporate conflict and bankruptcycases. His vast experience in and knowledge of the Russian banking sector and the real estatesector as well as his background as a former government official has proven to be an invaluableasset for our clients.